Kauai Fly Fishing Bonefishing - Hawaii Fly Fishing for the Elusive Hawaiian Bonefish - more information

Kauai Fly Fishing Bonefishing - Hawaii Fly Fishing for the Elusive Hawaiian Bonefish - More Information

Bonefishkauai was started to give fly fishermen who are on family vacations a chance to break away for a day or two of quality Hawaii fly fishing.

I have met many anglers that had no idea of the potential to catch large bonefish on a fly while visiting the Hawaiian Islands. This is certainly not a beginning fly fisherman's game, but for those who have moderate skills, a very real possibility exists to hook these elusive fish.

We have fairly persistent trade winds in the Hawaiian Islands. You can expect it to blow from 10-20 mph on a pretty regular basis. Having the right gear is essential for success. Things you will need that I don't provide are polarized sunglasses and flats booties. Make sure you are prepared to spend the length of the trip in the sun.

Hawaii is one of my favorite places to stalk bonefish because the fish are big and challenging. There is nothing more exciting than casting to cruising bones that commonly reach ten pounds. These fish would eat many of the bones I've caught in the Caribbean for breakfast.

If you've fished the Florida Keys for the oceanside bones, you can have a pretty good idea of what you'll find on Kauai. A fish or two a day is a great accomplishment.

If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call! A hui hou! Rob.

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Rates: I suggest no more than two anglers per trip. This guarantees personal attention and a minimum of disturbance on the water.
    4 hour trips are $500 for one or $600 for two anglers.

    Contact for booking: (808) 828-1173 if busy, cell is (914) 523-8920

Kauai bonefishing with guide Rob Arita. Rob specializes in Hawaii fly fishing for bonefish.
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