Kauai Fly Fishing Bonefishing - Hawaii Fly Fishing for the Elusive Hawaiian Bonefish

Kauai Fly Fishing - Hawaii Fly Fishing for Bonefish
Aloha and Welcome to Bonefish Kauai!

If you're visiting the island of Kauai and would like to fly fish for the elusive Hawaiian bonefish, you've found your opportunity.

Contrary to popular belief, bonefish do frequent the shallows here in the islands. Sight fishing to cruising bones is our method of choice, and we see plenty of fish on a regular basis. We do encounter the occasional tailing fish, but they tend to feed in water that's just deep enough to conceal their tails.

In Hawaii, the bonefish is known as "o'io" (o-ee-o), and they are large like the ones found in the Florida Keys.

My name is Rob Arita, and I have over twenty years of fly fishing and guiding experience. I have guided for summer steelhead on Oregon's legendary North Umpqua River and have chased bonefish with my brother Jon throughout the Caribbean and Florida Keys.

Combining extensive fly fishing experience with the spirit of aloha, you are guaranteed a memorable and educational experience.

Scott rods and Billy Pate Reels are available for use, or you may bring your own favorite gear. I'll provide leaders and my own special fly patterns. Plan on bringing a good pair of polarized glasses, a lightweight long sleeve shirt and a tight fitting hat. Eight and nine weight rods are recommended if you plan to bring your own. The bonefish here are not pushovers, so previous fly fishing experience is suggested.

My number one goal is to provide you with an enjoyable experience. I'll use my expertise to give you the best chance possible to catch one of these magnificent fish.

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Your guide - Rob Arita
Your Hawaii fly fishing guide - Rob Arita.

The o'io close-up!
An o'io close-up!

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Rates: I suggest no more than two anglers per trip. This guarantees personal attention and a minimum of disturbance on the water.
    4 hour trips are $500 for one or $600 for two anglers.

    Contact for booking: (808) 828-1173 if busy, cell is (914) 523-8920

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Kauai bonefishing with guide Rob Arita. Rob specializes in Hawaii fly fishing for bonefish.
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